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  • Dear Kevin and Fort Myers Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home & Cemetery: Thank you so much for your support and participation in our 2nd Annual Slave Free Southwest Event this past Saturday, January 17, 2015 at the Heights Foundation in Fort Myers, Florida. As you may already know, more people are enslaved today than at any other point in history, combined. We are happy to report that we had around 500 people in attendance. Through support and collaboration with partners like you, we are able to further our mission of outreach, education, and prevention throughout Southwest Florida. Thank you for being an outstanding partner in bettering our local communities. We look forward to future opportunities to partner together. Y.G
  • Ms. Wilder, Thank you for those beautiful holy cards for Paul. Truly a work of art and expression of faith. W.R.S
  • We would like to say thank you for your FANTASTIC service and help during our time of grief in the loss of our son C.. Dan Keating and the rest of your staff went above and beyond to make sure we were able to bring C.home for his memorial service. This includes keeping the crematorium open late and working after hours. The General Manager making a special trip to pick up the death certificates. We could not have done this without your expertise. God bless you and thank you
    K & J W.
  • My sisters and I took a vacation to Ft. Myers a couple weeks ago. Our grandparents moved there around 1961 and we spent many vacations with them in the area. We weren't sure exactly where they were buried and stopped into the Funeral Home to see if any information was available. Tanya Clarke helped us find our grandparents and then went back to find that our uncle and aunt were also there. What a wonderful help she was. Thank you so much for the assistance. The grounds are simply beautiful and you can tell how much care is given to every job in your organization. Thank you again.
  • Dear Dan - Thank you for doing a wonderful job of my mothers funeral. We appreciated your professionalism and attention to detail, it was wonderful.
    JJ. & T.A.
  • Dear Dan - Words could never express my gratitude for the kindness, strength, wisdom and compassion you showed with us before during and after my dad's service. you were "there" for us when we so desperately needed a friend. Your kind and professional manner was unbelievably comforting. My daughter M. often reflects on the words you spoke to her. You told her that she handled herself with "poise", "grace" and "elegance". She just sparkled when she told me about it. Life is made up of moments. We both will fondly remember the time and conversations we had with you. I believe it was Heaven sent. A divine appointment to have you take care of dad as well as M. and I. I have truly wondered if you are and angel in disguise? May your kindness be multiplied back you and your family many times over!
  • After many difficult moments I've lived through, it comes to my memory the day I was in your offices looking for help for the burial and funeral for my beautiful sister M.N. and her daughters ( A.,S. and M.) That day I realized GOD had sent me his angles to heal my pain. I will always have you all in heart and I will never forget your generosity, I feel very grateful for all of you, especially Tim Haskell, Andrew Weaver and Linda Wilder and the woman who made the lovely hello kitty blankets. You all will be in my prayers my GOD bless you and bring prosperity to your establishment. Thanks we are very grateful.
    G.N. & J.M.
  • Donnell - I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for all of the assistance for the V/S interment services. I wanted to be sure that you and your staff knew that I appreciated the assistance at during the services, especially with the family changing plans mid service. Every as always was professional and the interments went off flawlessly. Please pass my gratitude to all involved.
  • Dear Dan - Our family wishes to express our sincere thanks to you as we have made our plans for our husband and fathers burial arrangements. From making plans with our son, S., in Ohio and my daughter and I here, we were impressed with your efforts to expedite arrangements for transfer of our loved one for Memorial Services in Ohio and your sincere desire to help. May you continue your obvious devotion to help folks during this time in their lives.
    The B. Family
  • What a lovely Memorial Day service you presented Monday. The grounds looked so beautiful and your program heart warming. I am so glad J. and I chose our future home in your development. J. is already settled there and I know at 93 ( almost 94) I will be there in the near future but praise god I am doing fine and am in no hurry to join him yet. God has work for me to do like sharing the joy I felt to participate in such a lovely and appreciative event. Thank you. We owe our Vets so much.